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Paul is my darling husband turned gentleman farmer. He is in a constant effort to balance the realities of running a farm with his unyielding need for perfection and structure. All of that and a great sense of humor; which is lucky, since he can be pretty amusing at times. President of a mainframe computer leasing company for 20 years, Paul is an entrepreneur at heart, and his sense of adventure and risk propel us into the future. Still, as a farmer, he also builds fences and drives a tractor.

I love nature, animals, and cheese! Working with the herd is especially rewarding; and while it is, perhaps, unusual to give names to our livestock, they quickly learn to come when called. This can make management, but most importantly, no one is treated like a dumb animal on our farm. Goats can be so funny! We have a haughty ma'am who, when called, will look down her nose while she sizes up your intentions coming only if your interests coincide with hers. Not all attention seekers I suppose. For recreation we like to take walks through the pasture and sometimes even escape to the lake for a cook out. Activities also enjoyed by goats, whether invited or not!

Goat cheese has always been a personal favorite of mine. I love creating such a phenomenal product from our land. Before we were farmers I worked as an office manager at Paul's corporation and pursued Petroleum Engineering. We have functioned as a team for many years, and escaping with him to this virgin resource (populated with adorable animals) is a dream come true!

Alexandra, our daughter, is the last of the bunch still at home. She is such an enthusiastic asset to the farm, and loves the rural life on this beautiful land with all the animals. Alexandra helps with animal care by cleaning the pens, hauling hay, clearing brush, fencing, birthing, playing with the new kids, and much more. Among these she also names all the goats, which is why some have such fun names like Polly-Pocket, Kit-kat, Wish-wash, Wok, and Cinnabun.